2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite Reviews, Price, Interior, Features and Specs

2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite: The automobile industry is going through a significant shift, and electric cars (EVs) are leading this revolution. The drive toward electrification in 2023 is apparent and the “2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite” is a noteworthy competitor in this paradigm change. The development of EVs like the Ford 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite represents an important turning point in the automotive sector as the globe shifts toward sustainable transportation options.

The 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite is examined in depth in this article, along with its appealing features, state-of-the-art technology, and outstanding capabilities, to throw light on how it is changing the way that we view modern transportation.

The 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite stands out as a leading example of how innovation, performance, and environmental conscience can intersect to revolutionize our driving experience as electric vehicles become more and more integrated into our daily lives. Discover the future of driving in the present as we take you on a tour through the details of this extraordinary car.


The 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite boasts an eye-catching exterior design that perfectly blends style and functionality. This electric vehicle stands out from the crowd with its distinctive features, setting a new standard for modern aesthetics.

At the front, the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite features a bold black mesh grille that adds a touch of aggressiveness to its appearance. This grille not only looks sharp but also enhances airflow for improved efficiency.

Moving to the front, the LED headlamps are a standout feature, complete with a striking coast-to-coast light bar that spans the width of the vehicle’s front end. This design element not only provides excellent visibility at night but also adds a futuristic and dynamic look to the car’s face.

The rear of the vehicle is crowned by a body-color large single wing rear spoiler. This spoiler isn’t just for show – it also contributes to the car’s aerodynamics, helping it cut through the air more smoothly.

The sideview mirrors are not only sleek with their body-color caps but also practical with their heated glass feature. This ensures clear visibility even in cold weather conditions. Moving along the sides, both the upper window molding and the beltline molding are finished in sleek black. This adds a touch of contrast and elegance to the vehicle’s profile.

The body-color door handles maintain a seamless and cohesive appearance throughout the Escape ST-Line Elite’s exterior. Enhancing visibility and safety, the car features LED fog lamps and signature lighting. These not only add to the car’s visual appeal but also provide better illumination in various driving conditions.

The rugged and sporty feel is further emphasized by the body-color lower body side cladding, giving the vehicle an adventurous touch. Adding convenience, the power liftgate feature makes accessing the rear cargo area effortless.

The dual chrome exhaust tips not only provide a hint of performance and style but also showcase the car’s dynamic nature. A unique rear skid plate enhances the vehicle’s rugged appearance while also offering some protection for the undercarriage.

The black roof-rack side rails aren’t just stylish but also provide practicality for carrying additional cargo or sporting equipment.

Overall, the exterior design of the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite combines bold elements with thoughtful details, creating a harmonious and captivating look that sets it apart in the world of electric vehicles.


Inside the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite, comfort and cool tech come together for a great driving experience. You’ve got dual-zone automatic climate control, so everyone can be comfy their way. The smart cruise control not only keeps your speed in check but also helps you handle traffic smoothly.

Safety is a big deal with features like emergency braking, which can stop the car if there’s trouble ahead. Staying in your lane is easier thanks to the lane-keeping system that gives you a nudge if you drift.

When parking, rear sensors help you avoid bumps, and the blind-spot system watches out for other cars. No need to fumble with keys – the car can be opened and started with just a touch thanks to intelligent access.

Starting your car remotely is handy, especially in extreme weather. The auto-dimming mirror dims itself to prevent glare from headlights behind you. Windows go up or down with a single touch, and the interior gets a stylish touch with ST-Line carpeted floor mats.

There’s a spot for everything, including 8 cup holders and a console for your stuff. Changing your driving style is as easy as picking a drive mode. Phones stay charged with a wireless charging pad.

Your driving data is clear on the 12.3″ digital instrument cluster. The heated steering wheel and smart gear shift dial add comfort and style. Tech-wise, there’s navigation, a big touchscreen, and Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto™.

Seats are cozy with heating, and the driver’s seat even remembers your settings. The interior of the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite is all about making driving comfy and connected.


  • Super Safe: The 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite comes packed with safety features like smart cruise control, emergency braking, and more. It’s like having an extra set of eyes on the road.
  • Eco-Friendly: This car is electric, which means it’s kind to the planet. No emissions and cleaner air for everyone.
  • Fancy Inside: The inside is comfy and has cool stuff like heated seats and a high-tech dashboard. It’s like driving in the future.
  • High-Tech Goodies: It’s got a big screen for music and maps, and you can even charge your phone wirelessly. Plus, it plays nice with iPhones and Androids.
  • Slick Look: The outside is stylish with cool lights, a cool grille, and a sporty vibe. You’ll stand out in traffic.
  • Charge Anywhere: You can plug it in at home or use fast chargers to power up quickly. Flexibility is the name of the game.


  • Not Everywhere Yet: Finding charging spots might be trickier than finding gas stations in some places. Long trips might need extra planning.
  • Price Tag: Electric cars can be pricier upfront, even though they save money on fuel later. It’s a trade-off to think about.
  • Range Doubts: Some folks worry about how far an electric car can go on one charge. It’s called “range anxiety.” Planning trips might be a bit more thoughtful.
  • Limited Choices: The 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite is a specific version, so you can’t pick and choose every little thing you might want.
  • Uncertain Resale: Selling later might be a bit unknown because of changing technology and battery life. It’s something to consider.
  • Charging Time: While home charging is easy, it still takes time. Fast chargers are faster, but they’re not everywhere yet.

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The 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite boasts a performance that combines efficiency with spirited power, creating an engaging driving experience that aligns with its electric focus.

Under the hood, you’ll find a 2.5L iVCT Atkinson Cycle I-4 Hybrid engine that serves as the heart of this vehicle. This engine brings together innovative technology to deliver a blend of power and efficiency that’s perfect for both city and highway driving.

Drive type options include Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) or Intelligent All-Wheel Drive (AWD), giving you the flexibility to choose the traction system that suits your driving needs and preferences.

The vehicle is equipped with an electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (eCVT). This type of transmission optimizes power delivery for smooth and seamless acceleration while enhancing overall fuel efficiency.

Horsepower stands at an impressive 163 horsepower @ 6,250 rpm, ensuring that you have plenty of power on tap for acceleration and overtaking when needed.

Generating 155 lb.-ft. of torque @ 4,500 rpm, the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite offers a satisfying and responsive driving experience, enhancing your confidence behind the wheel.

The Total System Horsepower for the Hybrid model, including the Hybrid and Plug-in Hybrid variants, is rated at a strong 192 horsepower. This combination of electric and gasoline power provides both efficiency and performance.

Speaking of efficiency, the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite shines in terms of fuel economy. The EPA-Estimated Ratings for the Front-Wheel Drive (FWD) configuration are 42 City/36 Hwy/39 Comb. MPG. It’s important to note that actual mileage will vary based on factors such as driving conditions and habits.

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Pricing and Availability

The 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite is a blend of innovation, style, and performance, and it comes with a starting price of $37,960. This price point positions the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite as a competitive option in the electric vehicle market, offering a range of advanced features and capabilities.

As for availability, the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite is expected to be offered at Ford dealerships and authorized outlets. Availability may vary by region and demand, so it’s advisable to reach out to local dealerships or visit the official Ford website for the most up-to-date information on availability and options.

Keep in mind that pricing and availability details may change over time, and it’s recommended to confirm with a Ford dealership near you for the latest information on pricing, availability, and any potential incentives or promotions that may be available.

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Key Features: 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite

360-Degree Camera with Split View:
See everything around your Escape with special cameras on the front, sides, and back. It’s like having eyes all around, even giving you a view from above.

SYNC 4 with 13.2″ LCD Capacitive Touchscreen:
Stay connected using the SYNC 4 system. It has a big 13.2-inch touchscreen where you can control things. Plus, you can see your climate settings all the time, so you’re comfy on the road.

2.0L EcoBoost Engine with Auto Start-Stop Technology:
The Escape has a strong 2.0L EcoBoost engine. It’s got a turbocharger that gives you smooth power, no matter how fast you’re driving. And when you’re stopped, the engine turns off to save fuel, then starts up again when you’re ready to move.

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Driving Experience

Get set for an awesome ride in the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite. This car runs on electricity, which means it’s quick and quiet. It’s perfect for city driving and helps keep the air clean. It’s got an engine that gives you good power. Whether you’re driving slow or fast, you’ll have what you need.

The steering is smooth, and it rides comfortably on city streets and highways. Even when the roads get tough, the smart all-wheel drive helps out. Inside, you’ve got heated seats and a heated steering wheel, plus controls for the temperature. The big screen in the middle helps you with navigation and music, so you’re all set.

It’s got fancy stuff like adaptive cruise control and cameras all around, so you’re safe and sound. Charging is easy – you can do it at home or find charging spots. No need to stress about power.

In a nutshell, the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite gives you a cool and comfy ride. It’s powerful, safe, and has all the tech you need.

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The 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite is a fantastic electric vehicle that blends technology, style, and performance.

Inside, it’s comfy and high-tech. The big screen keeps you connected, and cameras make parking easy. The electric power gives you quick acceleration, and it’s super quiet. Safety features keep you secure on the road.

Whether you’re driving in the city or going on a trip, the Escape ST-Line Elite is ready. And it’s not just cool – it’s good for the environment too.

So, if you want a modern, eco-friendly ride that’s both fun and practical, the 2023 Ford Escape ST-Line Elite is a top choice.

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