2023 Kia Rio Review, Price, Interior, Safety Features and Specs

In 2023, something exciting is happening in the world of small cars. The 2023 Kia Rio is here, and it’s a big deal. This car looks cool, has lots of fancy stuff inside, and drives really well. Whether you care about the environment or just need a practical car for city life, this little Kia has something for everyone.

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the 2023 Kia Rio. We’ll talk about how it looks on the outside, what it’s like inside, how it drives, and all the cool tech and safety stuff. Plus, we’ll see if it’s an eco-friendly choice in a world where electric cars are becoming more popular.

So, get ready to explore why the 2023 Kia Rio is not your average small car – it’s a game-changer that’s shaking up the streets.

2023 Kia Rio Exterior

2023 Kia Rio

The black mesh radiator grille with silver accents gives the Rio a bold and adventurous look.

The body-color exterior door handles keep the car’s sleek appearance intact, with clean lines and no distractions. The side mirrors are not just power-operated but also heated to help with ice and snow on cold days.

The windshield and front windows have special solar control glass that keeps the interior cooler on sunny days. Enjoy the convenience of variable intermittent windshield wipers for rainy days.

The rear glass is heated to clear frost and snow, and it has an automated shut-off system for safety. Halogen Multi-Reflector Headlights provide ample road illumination.

The headlights have auto control, so they turn on or off based on the available sunlight. A locking fuel-filler door ensures a secure closure. Standard 15-inch steel wheels with stylish full covers enhance the Rio’s appearance.

Certainly, here’s a simplified description of the interior features of the 2023 Kia Rio based on the provided information:

2023 Kia Rio Interior

2023 Kia Rio

Step into the inside The 8-inch touchscreen display serves as the central hub for your car’s entertainment and information. Enjoy clear and crisp sound from the 6 speakers, including front tweeters.

Connect your smartphone wirelessly with both Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® for seamless integration. The rear-view monitor with dynamic parking guidance makes parking a breeze.

Stay connected safely with Bluetooth® wireless technology for hands-free phone calls. Access Siri® Eyes Free for convenient voice commands. Charge your devices and access media through the USB input.

An overhead sunglasses holder, map lights, and dual visor vanity mirrors enhance convenience. The illuminated glove box makes it easy to find what you need. Tricot and woven cloth seat trim, along with a 6-way adjustable driver’s seat, ensures comfort during your drive.

These interior features of the 2023 Kia Rio offer a blend of technology, convenience, and comfort to make your driving experience enjoyable and connected.

2023 Kia Rio Pros and Cons


  • Affordable: It’s a budget-friendly choice.
  • Cool Looks: The car looks stylish.
  • Saves Gas: It’s good on fuel, so you won’t spend much on gas.
  • Connects to Phones: You can easily use your phone with the car.
  • Safety Features: It has some safety stuff to keep you secure.
  • Comfy Inside: The interior is comfy and has storage.


  • Not Very Fast: It’s not super speedy.
  • Small Inside: It’s compact, so there’s not tons of space.
  • Basic Inside: The interior might look a bit plain.
  • Not Super Safe: It doesn’t have all the fancy safety features.
  • Basic Model: The base version might not have all the cool stuff.
  • Not Electric: If you want an electric car, this isn’t it.

2023 Kia Rio Specs

Engine Options:

  • The Kia Rio comes with a choice of engines:
  • A standard 1.6-liter 4-cylinder engine.
  • A more fuel-efficient option might be available.


  • It typically has a 6-speed automatic transmission for smooth gear changes.

Fuel Efficiency:

  • Expect good gas mileage, making it cost-effective for fuel.


  • The Kia Rio is a compact car, meaning it’s small and easy to maneuver in tight spaces.
  • Specific measurements for length, width, and height may vary.

Seating Capacity:

  • Typically seats up to five people.

Cargo Space:

  • It has a modest trunk space for carrying your stuff.


  • Features an 8-inch touchscreen display.
  • Supports wireless Android Auto™ and Apple CarPlay® for smartphone connectivity.
  • Bluetooth® technology for hands-free calls.
  • USB input for device charging and media.

Safety Features:

  • Rear-view monitor with parking guidance to help with parking.
  • Height-adjustable front seat belt anchors for safety.
  • Other safety features may be available depending on the trim level.

Comfort Features:

  • Air conditioning to keep the cabin comfortable.
  • Adjustable driver’s seat for personalized comfort.
  • Various storage options, including cup holders, door pockets, and more.


  • Typically comes with Kia’s standard warranty, which includes coverage for a certain number of miles or years.

Please note that specific details and features can vary depending on the trim level and market, so it’s a good idea to check with your local Kia dealer for the most accurate and up-to-date specifications.

2023 Kia Rio Performance

Engine Type: The 2023 Kia Rio is powered by a 1.6-liter, 4-cylinder engine.

Engine Displacement: The engine has a displacement of 1,598 cubic centimeters (cc), which measures the size of the engine.

Valve Train: It uses a Dual Overhead Cam (DOHC) setup with 16 valves, which helps in efficient engine operation.

Compression Ratio: The engine has a compression ratio of 11.2:1, indicating the ratio of the cylinder’s maximum to minimum volume, which affects engine efficiency.

Fuel Delivery System: It employs a Multi-Point Injection (MPI) system, which is a common fuel injection method.

Horsepower: The engine produces 120 horsepower at 6,300 revolutions per minute (rpm), indicating its power output.

Torque: It generates 112 lb.-ft. of torque at 4,500 rpm, which represents its rotational force.

Transmission: The transmission type is an Intelligent Variable Transmission (IVT), known for smooth and efficient gear changes.

Fuel Economy: The 2023 Kia Rio offers good fuel efficiency with an EPA rating of 32 miles per gallon (mpg) in the city, 41 mpg on the highway, and a combined rating of 36 mpg.

Fuel Tank Capacity: The car has an 11.9-gallon fuel tank, which determines its overall driving range.

Minimum Fuel Grade: It requires regular unleaded gasoline with an octane rating of 87 or higher, which is standard fuel.

These performance specifications highlight the Kia Rio’s efficient engine, transmission, and good fuel economy, making it a practical choice for everyday driving.

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2023 Kia Rio Pricing and Availability

The 2023 Kia Rio has a starting Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP) of $16,750. This is the base price for the car, and the final price may vary depending on the trim level, options, and additional features you choose.

As for availability, the 2023 Kia Rio is typically available at Kia dealerships in various markets. However, availability can vary by region and may be subject to local dealer inventory. It’s advisable to check with your local Kia dealership for specific availability and to inquire about any special offers or promotions that may apply to the 2023 Kia Rio.

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2023 Kia Rio Technology

1. Wireless Apple CarPlay®:

  • The 2023 Kia Rio comes with standard wireless Apple CarPlay® technology.
  • With this feature, you can use your iPhone seamlessly through the car’s system.
  • Send texts, receive calls, and access your favorite apps without taking your hands off the wheel.
  • It helps you stay connected while keeping your focus on the road, promoting safer driving.

2. Wireless Android Auto™:

  • The Rio also includes standard wireless Android Auto™ functionality.
  • This feature allows you to connect your Android device wirelessly.
  • You can make calls, dictate texts, and access voice-guided navigation without handling your phone.
  • It enhances convenience and hands-free operation, making your driving experience more enjoyable.

3. Rear-Camera Display:

  • The 2023 Kia Rio is equipped with a standard rear-camera display.
  • When you shift into reverse, this feature activates, providing a clear view of the area behind your vehicle.
  • It assists in parking and maneuvering, helping you avoid obstacles and enhancing safety.

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2023 Kia Rio Safety Features

1. Lane Keeping & Following Assist:

  • The Kia Rio offers available Lane Keeping Assist.
  • It uses a front view camera on the windshield to monitor lane markers.
  • Additionally, it may have Lane Following Assist, which can assist with steering to keep the vehicle centered in its lane.
  • These features help you stay within your lane and reduce the risk of unintentional lane departure.

2. Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist w/ Pedestrian Detection:

  • The 2023 Kia Rio provides an available Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist system.
  • This system can automatically apply the brakes if it anticipates an immediate frontal collision with another vehicle or a pedestrian.
  • It enhances safety by helping to avoid or mitigate potential accidents.

3. High-beam Assist:

  • The Rio offers an available High-beam Assist system.
  • It automatically adjusts the high beams by dimming them when it detects oncoming vehicles.
  • Once the oncoming vehicle has passed, it returns to the high-beam setting.
  • This feature improves nighttime visibility without blinding other drivers.

4. Driver Attention Warning:

  • The 2023 Kia Rio includes an available Driver Attention Warning system.
  • It monitors the driver’s actions and behavior.
  • If it senses that the driver’s attention level has significantly reduced, it provides alerts.
  • This feature promotes safer driving by encouraging the driver to stay attentive on the road.

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2023 Kia Rio Driving

The Kia Rio is small and easy to drive in busy cities and tight parking spots. Steering is smooth and responsive, making it effortless to move around. It feels comfortable while driving. Bumps in the road aren’t a big deal because it’s designed to give you a smooth ride.

Because it’s small, it’s perfect for city driving. You can see well from the driver’s seat, which is handy in traffic. It has features that help avoid accidents, which is reassuring.

The seats are adjustable, and the cabin is comfy. The air conditioner keeps it just the right temperature. Even though it’s small, it’s quiet inside, so you can enjoy a peaceful drive.

Overall, driving the 2023 Kia Rio is smooth and convenient, especially for city life. It’s easy to handle, comfortable, and packed with features to make your drive enjoyable and safe.

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The 2023 Kia Rio is a smart choice for anyone who wants a budget-friendly and user-friendly car. It’s great for city driving because it’s small and easy to park.

You’ll enjoy a comfortable ride, and it won’t cost you much at the gas pump. Plus, it’s a breeze to connect your phone for calls, navigation, and music.

Safety is a priority, with features that help prevent accidents. Inside, it’s comfy, and you can adjust the seats to your liking. The car is quiet inside, making your ride peaceful.

In a nutshell, the 2023 Kia Rio is a practical and affordable car that’s perfect for daily driving, especially in the city. It’s a smart choice if you’re looking for a small and comfortable ride without breaking the bank.

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