2024 Honda Pilot Review, Prices, Interior, and Specs

A Premium uncompromising SUV is come back in the automotive industry. The 2024 Honda Pilot is one of the best luxury SUV in EV market that’ll make you wow and attract your impression towards its. you are really going to excited after the knowing the advanced features and technologies of this car at the cheapest price range.

The overall performance of this car always stands out it on top than other Electric SUVs of its same class. introducing some amazing features of this car, the 2024 Honda Pilot has All-wheel drive system that highly maintain your tackling on difficult or rough roads. also, it not improves your driving experience on road but also gives a stunning and powerful appearance.

If you’re confuse to choosing a right electric car for you under your budget, then this article may be good source that will help you to choosing an electric perfect SUV for you. we will cover each and every things in detailed about this car, so that your could get a clear and accurate idea to choosing an electric car for you. so be continue with us at last, let’s start with little overview of 2024 Honda Pilot with table.

2024 Honda Pilot Overview

Model2024 Honda Pilot
Body StyleFully Equipped SUV
EnginePowerful 3.5L V-6 engine
DrivetrainAll-wheel Drive (AWD)
Additional FeatureAll-terrain with 7-drives mode, Stowable 2nd-Row Seat.
Official Siteautomobiles.honda

2024 Honda Pilot Exterior

The Exterior of 2024 Honda Pilot is outstanding as well as has powerful and stunning appearance. The massive grille in front gives it a robust impression on road with dynamic bold lines. It has narrow-eyed LED lights that mainly improve visibility on road at night, but it also improves the car’s look.

The side view of this car is designed with dynamic bold lines, straight edges, and a brawny that gives a tough aesthetic look with pilot. The turn mirror side indicator is also there to provide good driving experience. To enhance the grip on road, you’ll find 20-inch Alloy wheels in this car that enhance stability difficult roads.

Similarly, the back side of 2024 Honda Pilot is equipped with dynamic taillights and signature shape Hyundai logo with Pilot represents the branding. it has a back side rear bumper with silver color coating makes the car more secure and protects from scratches and rugged.

2024 Honda Pilot Interior

The Interior of 2024 Honda Pilot is luxurious and attractive with all advanced features and technologies. it has wide spacious cabin that comfortably allows up to eight passengers for seating. the seats are designed with leather trimming that not only improve the car’s appearance but also provide comfortable and calm experience for passengers while longer trips. you may also adjust the seats of second row in captain’s chairs to enhanced your longer journey and stability.

2024 Honda Pilot
2024 Honda Pilot: (Source-automobiles.honda) Edited With Canva.

The 2024 Honda Pilot offers Heated and Ventilated Seats in both front and second row that offer an extra level comfort in warmth and chilly weather. The third row seating is also comfortable as same the second row seating, although the availability of doors for the third row seating is not as much possible as passengers demand because of the space and size. but passengers can still sit comfortably in the third row with the One-Touch second row folding technology.

Apart from the seating arrangement, there is many accessories and facilities available in this car such as tickets holders in seats, cup holders in both front and second rows, space for hold phones and keys, as well as comfortable arm rest for more pleasant ride. and a main amazing feature is panoramic sunroof also there a available to let you allow for outside vision. you will also discover six seats belts that’s really great to make the journey more secure and safe.

2024 Honda Pilot Technology

Firstly, when you enter in car from the driver side, you’ll find a fully digital Head-UP Display that stay connected you with crucial information such as travelling speed, acceleration, directions where you are going, slightly helps in navigating, informs for SMS and Calls. and the Tri-Zone Climate control allows to setup different temperatures for second and first row passengers.

It has 9-inch color touchscreen display with the support of wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. the navigation system is also amazing, because you can use offline maps to find your routes in the absence of connectivity. The 2024 Honda Pilot has a one more advanced technology of Cabin Talk, using which the front passengers can commute with rear seats passengers without distracting the passengers of second row.

The multimedia system will also make your journey more enjoyable with the Bose Premium Sound System. this 12-speaker sound system offers an impressive sound quality to make your mind fresh. also, you can enjoy the wireless connectivity support of Wi-Fi Hotspot that allows you for streaming and multimedia with the available data plan from AT&T.

you can stay charged your devices and gadgets with the Wireless Technology sport in front dashboard side. you just have to put your device on that flat tray, supports to wireless charging. The Multi-View Camera System is also there available to enhanced your driving experience with the surrounded view of all four sides.

2024 Honda Pilot Engine and Power

As we all know Honda never compromise with power and efficiency, and keeping this crucial thing in mind, The 2024 Honda Pilot has powerful Powerful 3.5L V-6 engine that generated outstanding power for tackling on rough and difficult routes. it produces horsepower up to 265 hp with the torque up to 262 lb-ft. you may definitely drive it fast when you’ll need to go anywhere quickly.

The power engine of this car is capable of towing up to 5,000 pounds. it means you can carry heavy objects or accessories in its cargo space with any worries. The pilot house technology in this car is fully independent on suspension system that make your ride smooth and helps to tackle even on rock trails area easily.

The 10-Speed Automatic Transmission is designed very carefully to minimize the overall noise of shifting. also it has capability to provide quick torque and acceleration that really enhanced you driving experience on road. it also features two types smooth shifting, that is Shift-By wires and paddle shifters. and it make you feel a smooth shifting of gears while driving.

2024 Honda Pilot Safety Features

The 2024 Honda Pilot gives high priority when it comes on safety features. it has so many advanced safety features that’ll make you feel secure while driving so that you and your passengers may travel in the car without any worry. The Honda Pilot Safety always stands on the top when you compare with other Electric Vehicle in its class. and you can understand it more better by knowing its safety.

It has an array of safety features including Multi-View Camera System, Blind Spot Information System, Lane Departure and Lane Assist Warning, Cross Traffic Monitor, Low-Speed Braking Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, Parking Sensors, ACE™ Body Structure, Automatic Emergency Braking and many more. these all features will make you feel secure and safe while driving on road.

2024 Honda Pilot Specs

FeaturesDetails of the 2024 Honda Pilot
EnginePowerful 3.5L V-6 engine
Drivetraini-VTM4 All-Wheel Drive System (AWD)
Seating CapacityEight passenger can sit comfortably
Towing CapacityUp to 5,000 lb
Wheel20-inch Alloy wheels
Transmission10-Speed Automatic Transmission
StylingBold Front End, Dynamic Body Lines, Stowable 2nd-Row Seat, Second Row Captain’s Chairs, and many more.
Infotainment 9-inch color touchscreen display
ConnectivityAndroid Auto and Apple CarPlay support with Wi-Fi Hotspot Capability
Charging PortsUSB Type-C Ports and Wireless Charging Technology
Surrounded ViewMulti-View Camera System
Audio System12-Speaker Audio System
Digital ClusterHead-Up Display
Safety FeaturesMulti-View Camera System, Blind Spot Information System, Lane Departure and Lane Assist Warning, Cross Traffic Monitor, Low-Speed Braking Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, Parking Sensors, ACE™ Body Structure, Automatic Emergency Braking and many more

2024 Honda Pilot Prices

The 2024 Honda Pilot really provides outstanding value when it comes on prices. This electric car has advanced features and facilities at this cheapest pricing. The starting price of 2024 Honda Pilot is some about at $37,090. and this may be the one of the best choice for you in Sporty car industries as compare to other SUVs car with their higher prices. but it is crucial to keep in mind that the prices of car may vary on choosing particular model or trim level. you may check official site AutomobilesHonda for detailed and updated information.

2024 Honda Pilot
2024 Honda Pilot: (Source-automobiles.honda) Edited With Canva.

Trim levels of the 2024 Honda Pilot

  • 2024 Honda Pilot LX: (Starting MSRP at $37,090)
  • 2024 Honda Pilot Sport: (Starting MSRP at $39,600)
  • 2024 Honda Pilot EX-L: (Starting MSRP at $42,400)
  • 2024 Honda Pilot TrailSport: (Starting MSRP at $48,800)
  • 2024 Honda Pilot Touring: (Starting MSRP at $46,900)
  • 2024 Honda Pilot Elite: (Starting MSRP at $52,480)

Driving Experience Honda Pilot

The Overall Driving Experience of 2024 Honda Pilot is stunning and outstanding. when you will drive this car you will feel so comfortable and secure with its advanced features and safety technologies. This big car may be the best option for those have big families because of their spacious interior that allows up to eight passengers comfortably.

It has also a wide spacious Cargo area that can carry your large baggage. and if carry heavy object or things inside the car, you wouldn’t feel any load while driving. the overall driving experience will be so quick and smooth with its powerful engine that generates amazing horsepower and instant torque. at last, the overall decision will depend on the buyers choice that will tell which car best matches and suits with their needs.


is the 2024 Honda Pilot a safe car?

The 2024 Honda Pilot is surely a safe car. it has many safety features like Multi-View Camera System, Blind Spot Information System, Lane Departure and Lane Assist Warning, Cross Traffic Monitor, Low-Speed Braking Control, Adaptive Cruise Control, Parking Sensors, ACE™ Body Structure, Automatic Emergency Braking and many more.

What is the difference between 2023 and 2024 Honda Pilot?

The 2024 Honda Pilot is highly improved by its all overall look, features, and driving experience. there are some additional main features such as Bold Front End, Dynamic Body Lines, Stowable 2nd-Row Seat, Second Row Captain’s Chairs, and many more.

Does the 2024 Honda Pilot come with a spare tire?

The 2024 Honda Pilot comes with 20-inch Alloy wheels that is smoothly able to tackle on tough terrain with Full-Size Spare Tire.

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