2024 Lexus NX Reviews, Price, Interior, and Specs

The 2024 Lexus NX is the highly anticipated new model from luxury automaker Lexus. The NX is going to create waves in the compact luxury SUV market because to its gorgeous look, cutting-edge technology, and exceptional performance.

The 2024 NX has a fashionable design, a luxurious and modern interior, and a variety of engine options, including a hybrid model for increased fuel economy. Peace of mind is offered by safety features and driver assistance technology, while green programs support sustainability objectives.

The 2024 Lexus NX provides customisation possibilities to fit individual preferences thanks to the various trim levels offered. The 2024 Lexus NX will provide an innovative and luxurious experience.


2024 Lexus NX

The appearance of the 2024 Lexus NX is stunning and perfectly combines aggression and kindness. The NX has a striking and powerful appearance on the road thanks to the large, prominent grille. The grille is flanked by two sleek and fashionable LED headlights, which emphasize the SUV’s contemporary design.

The 2024 NX’s overall body has sculpted shapes and flowing lines that give it a dynamic and aerodynamic appearance. Every angle has been carefully designed to create a sense of improvement and aesthetic appeal. The NX has a sporty and assured attitude, from the elegant roofline to the powerful wheel arches.

The 2024 NX from Lexus comes in a variety of appealing exterior colors that let owners customize their car to their tastes. There is a choice to suit every desire, whether it is a traditional and eye-catching colour.

The 2024 Lexus NX provides a variety of external modification choices to improve both appearances and utility in addition to its outstanding design. These might consist of add-ons like stylish alloy wheels, roof rails for more adaptability, and a motorized tailgate for easy access to the luggage.


2024 Lexus NX

The interior of the 2024 Lexus NX is a perfect blend of luxury and comfort. Step inside, and you’ll be greeted by a beautifully crafted cabin that exudes sophistication.

Premium materials adorn the interior, offering a plush and refined atmosphere. The seats are designed for optimum comfort, providing support for long drives. The layout of the cabin is intuitive and practical, with easy-to-use controls and clever storage solutions.

Technological features abound in the 2024 NX. The advanced infotainment system seamlessly connects with your devices, allowing you to stay connected and entertained on the go. Additionally, driver-assistive features enhance safety and convenience during your journeys.

For those seeking an extra touch of luxury, Lexus offers a range of interior upgrades and packages. These may include premium audio systems, upgraded seating options, and advanced climate control systems, enabling you to personalize your NX to your liking.


  • Eye-Catching Design: The 2024 Lexus NX has a bold and elegant exterior that grabs attention wherever it goes.
  • Comfortable Interior: Inside the NX, you’ll find a luxurious cabin with high-quality materials that create a cozy and refined atmosphere.
  • Advanced Technology: The NX is packed with modern features like an advanced infotainment system and helpful driver-assist technologies for a connected and safe driving experience.
  • Choice of Powertrains: The NX offers different options for powertrains, including a hybrid version, allowing you to choose the one that suits your performance and fuel efficiency preferences.
  • Safety Focus: Lexus prioritizes safety, and the NX comes with advanced safety features and driver-assist systems to give you peace of mind on the road.


  • Limited Cargo Space: Due to its compact size, the NX may have less room for cargo compared to larger SUVs, so consider your storage needs.
  • Firm Ride: Some drivers may find the NX’s ride quality slightly firmer than other luxury SUVs, which could impact overall comfort, especially on uneven roads.
  • Restricted Rear Legroom: While the front seats offer ample space, taller passengers may find the rear legroom somewhat tight.
  • Higher Price Range: As a luxury vehicle, the 2024 Lexus NX generally comes with a higher price tag than non-luxury compact SUVs, so it may not fit everyone’s budget.
  • Infotainment Complexity: The NX’s infotainment system can be a bit complex to navigate initially, requiring some time to become familiar with its features.


Specifications (Specs) for the 2024 Lexus NX:

  • Engine Options:
    • Base Engine: 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine
    • Hybrid Engine: 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine with an electric motor (hybrid variant)
  • Power Output:
    • Base Engine: Around 200 horsepower
    • Hybrid Engine: Combined output of approximately 225 horsepower
  • Transmission:
    • Base Engine: Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT)
    • Hybrid Engine: Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT)
  • Drive Type:
    • Front-Wheel Drive (FWD)
    • Available All-Wheel Drive (AWD) option
  • Fuel Efficiency:
    • Base Engine (FWD): Approximately 28 MPG city / 32 MPG highway
    • Hybrid Engine (FWD): Around 40 MPG city / 38 MPG highway
  • Seating Capacity: Five passengers
  • Cargo Space:
    • Total Cargo Volume: Varies based on configuration and seating arrangement
    • Rear Seats Upright: Offers ample cargo space for everyday use
  • Infotainment System:
    • Display Screen: Large touchscreen display for easy control
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth, USB ports, smartphone integration
    • Sound System: Premium audio system for enhanced entertainment
  • Safety Features:
    • Lexus Safety System+: Includes features like Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, and more
    • Advanced Airbag System: Multiple airbags for occupant protection
    • Vehicle Stability Control and Anti-lock Braking System for improved safety
  • Dimensions:
  • Length, Width, Height: Varies based on model and trim level
  • Wheelbase: Varies based on model and trim level

Please note that the specifications provided are general and may vary depending on the specific model and trim level of the 2024 Lexus NX.

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2024 Lexus NX Performance

A excellent blend of power, economy, and agility make the 2024 Lexus NX a capable and entertaining vehicle to drive.

A 2.5-liter four-cylinder with about 200 horsepower serves as the standard engine. It has sufficient power and smooth acceleration for daily driving. A continuously variable transmission (CVT) is connected to the engine for the best power delivery and fuel economy.

A hybrid version of the NX is also available for increased fuel economy. It generates about 225 horsepower total when the 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine and electric motor are combined. For perfect power distribution, the hybrid NX has an electronically controlled continuously variable transmission (E-CVT).

Driving the 2024 NX is fun thanks to its tight steering and snappy handling. Whether you’re traveling on the highway or the local streets, the suspension system is made to provide you a smooth and pleasant ride.

The offered All-Wheel Drive (AWD) system is an option if you want more traction and stability. In very difficult weather or terrain conditions, it intelligently distributes power to all wheels, enhancing traction and handling.

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Pricing and availability

The exact price of the 2024 Lexus NX will depend on the model, trim level, extra options. but it is expected to have starting price about $39,100. The easiest way to obtain the most current and accurate price information is to speak with a nearby Lexus dealership or visit the company’s website.

In terms of availability, the 2024 Lexus NX is anticipated to go on sale in [Month, Year]. It’s a good idea to check with your nearby Lexus dealership for detailed information on when the NX will be available in your area as availability may vary depending on your location.

Lexus typically offers different trim levels and optional packages for the NX, allowing you to choose the features that best suit your preferences and budget. Keep in mind that the availability of specific trims and optional features may vary depending on your region and dealership inventory.

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Striking DesignBold and elegant exterior design
Luxurious InteriorHigh-quality materials and refined cabin atmosphere
Advanced TechnologyCutting-edge infotainment system and driver-assistive tech
Powertrain OptionsBase engine and hybrid variant for performance and efficiency
Strong SafetyAdvanced safety features and driver-assistive technologies
Limited Cargo SpaceSlightly less cargo space compared to larger SUVs
Firm RideFirmer ride quality on rough road surfaces
Limited Rear LegroomRestricted legroom for taller passengers
Higher Price RangeLuxury vehicle pricing compared to non-luxury SUVs
Infotainment ComplexityInterface may require some time to fully navigate

Please note that this is a simplified table and not an exhaustive list of features. The actual features available in the 2024 Lexus NX may vary depending on the specific model, trim level, and optional packages chosen.

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Driving experience

The 2024 Lexus NX offers a pleasurable driving experience with a focus on comfort and agility. Here are some key points that contribute to the enjoyable driving experience of the NX:

The NX provides a comfortable and quiet ride, with minimal road noise and vibrations. The cabin is well-insulated, creating a serene environment for both the driver and passengers.

The NX offers nimble handling and responsive steering, making it easy to navigate through tight spaces and corners. The suspension is finely tuned to strike a balance between comfort and sportiness, ensuring a controlled and enjoyable driving experience.

The interior layout of the NX is designed with the driver in mind. The controls and features are intuitively placed for easy access and operation, ensuring a seamless driving experience.

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The outstanding 2024 Lexus NX is a small SUV that combines luxury, performance, and elegance. The NX distinguishes out in its class because to its striking appearance, cozy cabin, cutting-edge technology, and safety features.

Despite offering a comfortable and elegant driving experience, it’s crucial to remember that the NX’s storage space may be smaller than that of bigger SUVs. Further, taller passengers could find the back legroom a little constrained.

Overall, the comfort, performance, and design of the 2024 Lexus NX are impressive. The NX delivers an enticing combination whether you’re searching for a flexible family SUV or a practical and opulent daily vehicle. For more information on the many models, prices, and availability choices, go to a nearby Lexus dealership or browse the company’s website to locate the ideal NX that matches your requirements and preferences.

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